Rules & Polices

1. Students must wear the school uniform, provided by Adeem uniforms located at Aqariya Center.

2. Students should arrive at school at 8 a.m. each morning to ensure they do not miss out on important learning activities and experiences and to avoid interrupting the class after it begins. 

3. Preschool has a waiting list with many hoping to enroll.  If a student’s unexcused absence is over 50% during the first quarter of the school year, the school has the right to remove the student and enroll another from the waiting list.

4. Continued absences and morning delays affect a child's academic level so please help your child attend school regularly. 

5. Preschool success depends directly on the on-going communication between home and school. Therefore, a daily file will be sent home with your child.  The file contains daily notes, forms and other important notices.  The file allows a means of communication between the teachers and home.  Please be sure to send it to school with your child every day. 

6. Students are not permitted to leave school during school hours unless a permission slip from administration is provided.

7. All visitors must obtain a visitor card prior to entering the school.

8. Parents who wish to pick-up their children before the end of the school day must present their identification (ID) cards. If the person picking up the child is not a parent, an official letter or call from the child’s parent/s to preschool administration (4887355) is required.  The letter or call must be from the child's parents and must clarify the name of the person picking up the child.  The person picking up the child must show an ID card. 

9. Breakfast is provided by the school.  Students should bring a healthy lunch from home. 

10. Nutrition is important.  Therefore, non-healthy options are not permitted at school and not allowed to be eaten if brought.  They include chocolates, chips, sweet, etc.  Please send healthy foods with your child and try to include fruits and vegetables with the lunch.

11. Toys should not be brought to school with the child.  The preschool is not responsible if toys brought to school are lost or broken.

12. Precious jewelry is not allowed to be worn at school.  The preschool will not be held responsible for any jewelry loss or damage.

13. The preschool does not deal with financial matters.  We kindly ask that you contact the preschool administration to be directed to the appropriate party for financial matters. 

14. In case of wetness or uncleanliness, please send at least one set of clothes to school labeled with your child’s name on it.

The School Clinic

1. In case of illness or injury - God forbid – the class nanny will accompany the child to the school clinic for a medical check.  The doctor will take the necessary action and direct the child to return to class or home.

2. If the child returns to class, a medical report will be sent home with the child, showing the time of the visit and medical procedures taken during the visit.   

3. If the doctor recommends that the child return home, parents will be called and notified by the doctor.

4. If parents request for medicine to be administered to their child during school day, they should take it to the clinic and inform the doctor of the dose and time for it to be taken.  Arrangements will be made between the clinic and the preschool to send the child at the appropriate time to the clinic.   

Parent Involvement – You can help your child by…

1. Quickly responding to telephone calls, e-mails and letters sent from preschool.

2. Providing extra clothes for your child to be used if his/her clothes get dirty.  If the extra clothes are used, please send a replacement.

3. Contributing to the preschool's activities in order to strengthen the relationship between home and school.

4. Attending preschool workshops and events.  Such workshops and events aim to develop the level of understanding of the IB program and build effective communication as well as raise the academic level of the child.

Preschool Library

Books and stories are the most important educational resources of our inquiry program as they support the love of reading and enrich students with much valuable information.

Therefore, we encourage your child to borrow books from the library every week and we appreciate your cooperation if you:

1. read the books with your child at home.

2. support the library system by returning the borrowed books every Tuesday.  Children who do not return their books on Tuesday will not be allowed to borrow again until their books are returned.

3.  write a note in your child's daily file if the book is torn or lost so that the book can be replaced. 

4. send books from home to school with your child to share with the class during library time.

5. inform administration if the child is able to retell a story by himself so we can share and celebrate the accomplishment.

6. schedule a time to visit the preschool to read a story with your child's class during library time.